People Are Demanding The Removal Of CCPO Lahore Once Again After Audio Of Him Allegedly Giving Gaaliyan To A Woman Leaked

By Sana Yasmeen | 21 Oct, 2020

CCPO Lahore is back in the news

Just over a month ago, CCPO Lahore found himself at the center of attention for all the wrong reasons when he blamed the survivor of the ‘motorway incident’ for the heinous crime. Regardless of the negative attention he remained firm to his ground and continued to reiterate his disgusting views. Soon, however, the protest for his removal gradually turned to dust. Well, he’s back in the news for his behavior toward another woman.


An audio, allegedly of the CCPO Lahore abusing a woman, has gone viral

In the recorded call, a woman from Raiwind is heard requesting a man alleged to be CCPO Umar Sheikh regarding some case files. The CCPO in return explodes into a fit of temper and starts verbally abusing her on the phone, calling her names and cursing her out.


Needless to say, people are shocked and extremely disgusted at the sorry state of the CCPO Lahore’s mind


People are using this opportunity to throw shade at the government for not using the opportunity they had last time to remove the CCPO


Following the leaked audio, rumors regarding CCPO’s forced (or maybe not so-forced)  leave began circulating the internet


On the other hand, those who continue to turn a blind eye to the CCPO’s behavior pattern toward women, are calling the ‘female’, on the call, a gangster!?


It is alleged that PM Khan has also expressed his “displeasure” with the CCPO over the viral audio

Some sources have suggested that Imran Khan’s disapproval towards the ‘viral’ audio clip has fueled the ‘forced leave’.

In a society where the officials and authority figures treat the women with such aversion and distaste, it is inevitable that the women of that society are, thus, forced to take things in their own hands and speak out for their own safety outside of the official justice system.

CCPO Lahore’s repetitive behavior is nothing but proof that such a mindset prevails within the majority of the heads of our society and it is extremely disrespectful. Strict action is the need of the hour so as to set an example that this disgusting and blatant mistreatment of women will not be tolerated.

What are your opinions on the leaked audio clip? Have anything to say? Let us know in the comments below.


Shireen Mazari Just Slammed CCPO Lahore For Blaming The Woman For Her Own Rape & People Are Thanking Her For Finally Waking Up


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