People All Over The World Are Standing Up For Muslims After The New Zealand Incident

By Biya Haq | 15 Mar, 2019

An absolutely devastating attack.


Two Mosques were attacked in Christchurch, New Zealand today killing at least forty people.

According to news reports, there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting and the police have been able to take four into custody with one main man now being identified as Brenton Tarrant who was the one to live stream the entire attack.

Allegedly, the shooter had earlier announced the attack on Reddit. While it was being carried out, Tarrant kept a live feed of the shooting through Facebook, resulting in many people all around the world to call out tech giants and Facebook on their lack of ability to regulate this kind of content on their platforms.

Facebook was pressed to immediately remove the footage off of the site and Twitter took action as well.


Following the shooting, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the shooting as one of the “darkest days,” for New Zealand.

In her address to the public, she spoke in mourning of all the people lost in the shooting and how each one of the victims was just the same as the rest of them, with New Zealand being their home.

In her speech, she confirmed that the man claiming responsibility of the attack wrote his own manifesto, showing his concern for ‘white genocide.”

Obviously, the attack was a disgusting and horrific instance and its impact has been felt by Muslims all over the world. Muslims have always been the go-to blame for all terrorist activities due to the actions of a few. And while many of us speculated that this situation would not be any different, social media showed us otherwise.


People all over New Zealand and the world are standing up for the Muslim community through social media and mourning their loss with love and well wishes.

As I said, this kind of appreciation and compassion seems almost unprecedented given our ‘connection’ to terrorism. It’s absolutely surprising in the most pleasant way.

Of course, these tweets will never change the fact that this event happened and that the mindset of inflicting terror on a certain community is prevalent enough that individuals can carry an attack out and are able to do so successfully. However, hearing this kind of positivity rather than the usual hate is still a huge step in the right direction.

If a mosque can exist peacefully n a place called Christchurch City, there will always be hope for all of us when it comes to tolerance within our countries.


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