People All Over The World Are Going Crazy Over This Refreshing Trend, And It's Time You Catch Up

By Arslan Athar | 26 Feb, 2019

Every season sees a new trend, some trends say regional while some go beyond countries and truly become international. This past year, the trend was decidedly towards the pastel color range; everyone from high-end designers to everyday brands was producing collections in muted, soft colors. Now that we’ve entered a new year and slowly entering warmer weather, the international trends have shifted and we seem to have entered a new trend.


Internationally, the color of the season is yellow. 

Yellow is such a happy color, how can you hate it. It is a great color of us desis. Yellows and its various shades work well with the general skin type and complexion of our part of the world.

As things happen in fashion, this trend was decided by the high-end brands who showed collections in yellows. 

Source: globalblue.cok


You can full on yellow, from head to toe.

Also, can we just talk about how HOT yellow pants look?¬†Imagine it, yellow pants, paired with a black or white shirt on top, ah, now that’s what you call a LEWK.



Or have it going on in print. 



You can basically make it as yellow, or as muted as you want.



Some of our own celebrities have been rocking the color too.

Source: @sanammodysaeed / Instagram


Model, Aneesa Sharif showed us how to make yellow classy. 

Source: @aneesa.sharif / Instagram


While Hania showed us how to make the color fun and quirky. 

Source: @haniaheheofficial / Instagram


Yellow is a color that has featured a lot in desi fashion, and Ayeza Khan rocks it amazingly well. 

Source: @ayezakhan.ak / Instagram

Pakistani brands are also embracing the trend full on. 

Source: @sanasafinazcouture / Instagram


You can so subtle, like the item above, or go full on like this kurta.

Source: Sapphire


There’s a little bit of fun to be had by men.¬†

If not kurtas, shirts, shoes or even pants (yes, please be that risk-taking) can be used to slide the trend in.

Source: @bareezeman / Instagram


Yellow has been a part of our fashion sense for quite a while so this international trend fits rather well with us- so go, yellow it up. 

‘Yellow yellow dirty fellow’ no MORE!

Source: @khaadi / Instagram


Again, a trend like this is a general idea, you can truly make it your own. You can go the desi way and lawn it up this spring and summer, or use Western looks and ideas to be truly en vogue.

So, are you ready to rock yellow this season, like it’s nobody’s business?

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @ayezakhan.ak @aneesa.sharif @hainaheheofficial / Instagram

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