You Are 100% A Patriotic Pakistani If You Can Answer At Least 8/10 Of These Questions Correctly

By Astarte | 28 Dec, 2017

Patriotic Pakistani in 10 Questions

We often boast about the knowledge we have about our country. Especially us Pakistanis are incredibly proud of the nation we call Pakistan.

But wait!

Do you think that you know enough about Pakistan? Enough to take a quiz about it and pass with flying colours?

We have created the hardest quiz ever about our country.


If you think you have what it takes to be a true Patriotic Pakistani, then take this quiz:

Take a picture of the result you get and whomever gets the highest score will get a special shoutout from Team MangoBaaz.

Goodluck, fellas!


There are many ways to show one’s patriotism. While some people believe your country should be celebrated and praised at all costs, others feel like we should try and be even better than how we are, by introspection. There are those whose patriotism is limited to going out on special occasions shouting and playing air horns, yet some people in “national songs” as a way of displaying their patriotic side. Heck there are those who don’t even believe the concept of patriotism at all but that doesn’t mean they’re not thankful to their place of birth or the community that they have around them. The point is, you may have whatever way of showing your patriotic side, let’s enjoy what we have and celebrate our similarities instead of quarreling over our differences.

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