Fans Of “Parwaaz Hai Junoon” Are Pissed Off At Its Actors And Are Protesting Against The Movie

By Iman Zia | 10 Aug, 2018

Fans of upcoming Eid release ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ are staging online protests against the PR team behind the movie. Allegedly, the team behind promoting the film have not been posting trailers, posters or song releases on their official pages, upsetting ardent fans who are looking forward to the release.

Source: Momina & Duraid Films


Facebook page @HamzaAliAbbasiFP posted a message addressing the promotional team of ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ 

The fan page claims that the various press meets that took place in Canada, London and Dubai were not properly advertised, nor were they posted on the PR official pages. Fans have had to ‘dog in every corner of social media’ to get updates about the cast’s whereabouts and promotional plans.

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While Hamza Ali Abbasi was sharing various snippets of promotions, other members of the cast have failed to share details of the publicity tour which has upset fans. Ahad, Hania, Shaz, and Kubra have at most been hushed about public events for the film.



Subject : Extremely Disappointed with TEAM PARWAAZ HAI JUNOON.

Please look into this matter before you start promotions in Pakistan.

My first question is with the leads of PHJ – Why? Why ain’t you posting the trailer, posters, song releases and even the promotional events of your movie on your DAMN PUBLIC PAGES?

Last week we saw PHJ’s press meets/meet & greets in Canada, USA, UK and UAE. To my surprise not even, YES NOT EVEN 1 EVENT details were posted on official page. Not by the casts even. I, a fan, resides in one corner of UAE had to dig in every corner of social media to get 1 single update of PHJ and I did it. I did the live updating. I posted about every interview, meet ups, visits etc. Was it my duty? Even rn I am exhausted.

I received number of complaints of fans from Canada, UK, USA and UAE, they have been waiting whole year for this day. To meet and greet their favorite stars, be part of promotional events but unfortunately none had the schedule. I tried to contact HUM Network team, one of them told me… that we dont have the schedule. YES WOW!

Hamza shared everything from posters to teasers, trailers and now songs but even he missed posting about the promotional events. Attitude of whole cast is disappointing. Some didn’t even share trailer/songs. Overall no team work!

Least you can let your fans know about the public meet and greets, not on pages, but least on your stories. TELL YOUR FANS ABOUT YOUR NEXT DESTINATION, NEXT EVENT, NEXT MEET AND GREET, NEXT PROMOTIONAL EVENT OF… YES YOUR OWN MOVIE!

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AND ANNOYED AT HUM TV’S MARKETING TEAM – JPNA / load wedding social media pages/teams are going live at every event, sharing every single detail of promotional events from overseas and here we have to dig in social media ke koi pic mil jaye koi clip mil jaye press conference ki.

*We, fans, are all aware of your efforts… we know you all are exhausted with the traveling and constant chatting and promotional activities etc but that’s how it’s supposed to be and this is something you should do despite no matter what! We love you but you are disappointing your fans and nothing else!

(Posting with a good heart & intention. Not posting with the intention of insulting/disrespecting anyone.)


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Fans agreed with the lack of information awareness around the film’s promotional tour, owing largely to the credible mess and disorganization behind the team’s PR

Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Source: @HamzaAliAbbasiFP/Facebook


Read the full post here:

TO WHOMEVER IT MAY CONCERN!Subject : Extremely Disappointed with TEAM PARWAAZ HAI JUNOON. Please look into this…

Gepostet von Hamza Ali Abbasi am Dienstag, 7. August 2018


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