“Panchii Ghar by Panache” By Puri Fabrics Is The Next Big Thing You Should Look Out For

By MangoBaaz Studio | 14 Nov, 2022

Sewn together piece by piece to cater to your taste, Puri Fabrics is in the process of displaying another line of clothes curated just for you.

At affordable prices, customized to your liking, and made of the best material you can find in town, the launch was sold out within days.

Their recent collaboration with Sanam Saeed was a huge hit. The three-piece unstitched suits were adored by the ladies and kept them coming back for more. The most authentic thing about Puri Fabrics is the variety of clothes and seasonal wear they have to offer. Whether it is stitched or unstitched fabric, you can customize it to your liking.

source: Puri Fabrics

Puri Fabrics is now rolling out its latest winter collection. The formal wedding and party wear are eye-catching and something that will be a statement piece when worn at an event. Elegant colors such as dark teal, black, maroon, peach, etc. are suitable for winter wear. The material used in the collection “Panchii Ghar by Panache” revolves around feeling your best self while looking like the most authentic and charming person in the room.

Reminiscing the memories of home while at the same time adorning what you have at the moment, Panchii Ghar is the epitome of a signature wear collection.

source: Puri Fabrics

Articles including Ayza, which exhibits a classic color combination with an embroidered pashmina shawl, depict grace and elegance. On the other hand, Kiran is a glamour-infused article. Wearing Kiran would mean being the center of attention. The green of the hand-embroidered pashmina shawl was stitched to be noticed.

Puri Fabrics has outdone itself once again by enhancing the true inner beauty of women and girls who opt for elegance and enchantment. You can find their new collection at this link.

Cover image via Puri Fabrics

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