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13 Things That Actually Had A Better Ending Than The Panama Papers Case

13 Things That Actually Had A Better Ending Than The Panama Papers Case

Panama Papers have been making the rounds for as long as my nephew was born…and he can walk now. And today was the day that we finally got a verdict for the initial round of investigation. And an extremely underwhelming one at that.


And that got us thinking ‘THEY MADE US WAIT FOR THIS?!’

And then we, at the office, sat down and spoke about everything else that had a better ending than this beautiful verdict. So here it is:


1. Twilight

Of course, there were no vampires, no werewolves, nobody sucking anyone’s bloo- oh wait…


2. Mann Mayal

While there was crying of a different sort, there was no reconciliation and no happy endings here (well for some people, at least).


3. Titanic

You know what was the only drawback of this film? If there was a Pakistani in place of Rose, there would at least be triple savaari on that door…

4. How I Met Your Mother

Ek tau wahiyaati, doosra, sub khush thhe end per. Ubhi sub khush nahi hain…


5. Kal Ho Naa Ho

Har larki ka sapna hota hai ke usko patti ke roop mein ek uccha dost mile, mujhe dost ke roop mein ek uccha patti mil gaya…


6. Balu Mahi

Traveling across Pakistan for the one you love the most. Of course it’s a better story and ending than the Panama verdict…not.


7. Devdas

Babu ji ne kaha hukoomat chhor do, hukoomat ne kaha corruption chhor do, corruption ne kaha zidd chhor do…ubh Imran kehta hai kursi chhor do…


8. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The story of a misunderstood kid who’s struggling with proving himself to everyone around…remind you of a certain pathan?


9. The Fault In Our Stars

The fault in our shalwaars

The fault in our naswaars

The fault in our taars

The fault in our stars


10. Brexit

’twas the day that changed everything, but it still wasn’t as underwhelming as the Panama verdict.


11. The American election

At least it was consequential.

Source: Twitter


12. Reham and Imran Khan’s marriage


Source: Daily Mail


13. 2016

With all the deaths, misery and general gloom and doom that was 2016, even that bloody year had a better ending than the miserably underwhelming saga that was the Panama Papers verdict.

*cue dab*


We hope next time they make us wait for something for this long, it better be at least slightly more entertaining…


What do you think had a better ending than the Panama verdict? ⇓⇓

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