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Here’s What Your Favorite Celebrities Think About The Panama Verdict

Here’s What Your Favorite Celebrities Think About The Panama Verdict

Lux Style Awards happened last night and things were, as promised, highly entertaining! The red carpet was full of gorgeous human beings and some interesting conversations.


Like this statement by Meera Jee


But what shone through was a particular interview with different celebrities and what they think of the impending Panama Papers verdict

A lot of the celebrities had no idea what was going on, in terms of the ongoing case, some wanted to be kept away from the political statements, and some spoke their minds.


Sanam Saeed

Had zero interest in politics.

Source: Geo News


Shehryar Munawar

Called for accountability and an investigation into the disappearing road plans and appearing apartments and flats in foreign countries.

Source: Geo News


Atif Aslam

Wanted to remain the positive guy that he is and wanted to stay away from all the negativity.

Source: Geo News


Syra Shehroz

Didn’t know the verdict is coming out today.

Source: Geo News


The Meera Jee

Wanted Panama (yes, Panama. And not the Supreme Court) to take up her case because her hospital was not getting enough funding.

Source: Geo News


With the Panama verdict coming out today, everyone is waiting with baited breaths to find out what the country’s future will be, because we all know that the decision will affect every single citizen of the country. Rahi baat celebrities ki, they have the right to say whatever they want and hold their opinions when they want to, as well. But it’s kinda sad that the whole stereotype of being the ‘dumb beauty’ is being projected by our celebrities.

Khair, this is what it is. Watch the whole video here



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