Watch Out Uber And Careem, Pakistan's Rickshaws Just Got A Whole Lot Cooler

By Biya Haq | 17 Jul, 2017

Pakistan’s rickshaws have basically been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. They are an age old form of transportation that have always been used. Yet, with new car services like Uber and Careem riding into town, the rickshaw business has begun to lose it’s popularity.

It’s kind of sad really, since all over the world, Pakistani rickshaws are seen as iconic symbols of our culture.

WELL FRIENDS, don’t fret yet and take a look at this bad boy (or girl)

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

This Deadpool looking rickshaw was posted in the Facebook group, People Of Pakistan and has got us going ‘aray wah.’ Let’s be real, how cool would it be to roll up to dinner in this baby. The new rickshaws are reportedly electric and air-conditioned, creating a better ride experience for the customer. Not bad, eh?

Of course, in it’s true form, the Internet had plenty to say.

Let’s start with the haters:

Small mentality? Sounds more like the opposite, friend

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Are both Careem and Uber necessary, though?

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Old is gold, dost. Old is gold.

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Don’t worry, for every negative nano, there was a positive phupo to give the rickshaw the love it deserves:

@All the Sanas in the world, your time has come

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Looks pretty great!

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Yaaas hunni

Source: People Of Pakistan Via: Facebook

Either way, any kind of progress is great progress and these rickshaws are on the right track. Who knows, maybe rickshaw slogans will start showing up in Calibri? Heuheuheuheu, okay bye.

Would you like to take one of these babies for a spin? Do you think they are completely pointless? Do you not care? Let us know in the comments section below! Love you.

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