Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Pakistan’s First Superhero Movie

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Pakistan’s First Superhero Movie

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Pakistan’s first ever live action superhero movie and we’re really excited.

We’ve had romance, we’ve had Gujjars, we’ve had action, we’ve never had our own version of the Avengers. Project Ghazi is as superhero as it gets. A story revolving around an advanced soldier project, with Syra Shehroz, Shehryar Munawwar, and Humayun Saeed, in the lead, has all the makings of an insane final product.

Directed by Nadir Shah, produced by Ali Raza, the film promises to be up to international standards.

Our extremely underrated hottie over forty, Adnan Jaffar, is also in the film, and as usual, he’s setting the screen on fire.

The film is all set to release very soon, this year, with over 70% of their production completed.


The producer of the film understands the need to tap into this genre, because of the sheer potential that lies in the country. While every other film or television series revolves around the same genres: romance and comedy, Project Ghazi aims to break the ceiling, and all previous box office records with its release.


So far, the producers have only released behind the scenes footage, and we’re completely overwhelmed.

The BTS shows these hotties in full superhero mode. These superheroes are all set to fight injustice and intolerance against minorities. And that’s the only kind of superheroes Pakistan needs, right now.

The costumes, the characters, everything looks spot on, from everything we’ve seen. And these are the character feels, I’m getting, right now.


Humayun Saeed

Channelling his inner Bond, the way he holds that gun.


Shehryar Munawwar

When you try looking away from the cayootie that is Shehryar, you’ll realise that this mission really is impossible.

Syra Shehroz

Whoever thought Syra could pull this off, YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Giving me major halal Gal Gadot feels!

Adnan Jaffar

How can someone be this good looking for this long? I’m loving everything about this, rn. Bad guy with a  mask? Good guy with a mask? I’m good.

We can’t wait to find out more about the movie, so watch this space for further updates! And let’s hope Project Ghazi is everything we need and more.


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