OMG, Pakistan Is Getting Its First Anime Inspired Film And It's Breathtaking

By Kashaf | 20 Mar, 2018

If you’re an anime fan, you know that Studio Ghibli has been inspiring artists around the world since the 1980s. The greatest aspect of any Ghibli film is the breathtaking hand-drawn animations which add a sense of familiarity and warmth that digital animations rarely have. Influenced by Studio Ghibli’s work, a group of Pakistani animators are working on an animated film inspired by Japenese anime.

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‘The Glassworker’ is the first hand-drawn animation made in Pakistan by Mano Animation Studio and directed by Usman Riaz. The film is about a young girl and boy who discover that “life is beautiful but fragile, like glass.”

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source: Mano Animation Studio/ Youtube

‘The Glassworker’ (شیشہ گر) is set in a fictitious location called Waterfront Town. It follows two children from different backgrounds: Vincent, the child of a glass blower who helps his father in their glass shop and Alliz, a prodigious violinist trying to find her voice on the instrument. The film aims to shed light on growing up during a war all and all of the characters speak Urdu throughout.


This new film is gaining massive attention amongst anime fans around the world with its beautiful animations and touching storyline.

“The Glassmaker” was intended to be a short film at first but the director, Usman Riaz, felt it needed to be extended into a full movie. Mano Animation Studio raised nearly $120,000 in 2016 and is set to debut in 2020.


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People had nothing but good things to say about the animation.

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People from all over the world were sending their love.

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It’s great to see people from so many different countries and backgrounds coming together to watch this Pakistani film.

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Indians also shared their love.

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What do you think of this amazing hand-drawn animation film? Let us know!


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