Pakistanis Can't Stop Trolling Chief Minister Usman Buzdar After Asad Umar Resigned

By Rameeza Ahmad | 19 Apr, 2019

Poor Usman Buzdar getting rammed for no reason 

Ever since Mr. Buzdar was announced as the Chief Minister for Punjab, people have been questioning PM Khan’s decision and Mr. Buzdar’s capability for the job. And now that there has been a major reshuffling in the cabinet which led to Asad Umar resigning from his position as the Finance Minister since he refused to accept being assigned as the Energy Minister.


A lot of people had a lot of hope for Asad Umar and his capability, so him leaving the government was a massive blow to overall morale. But people did not grieve for long since memes about the situation came almost instantly. And the next target for a lot of memes was the Chief Minister of Punjab.


People have started joking about how Mr. Usman Buzdar has survived the ‘reshuffle’ even though their favorite ministers, like Asad Umar, have been essentially axed

The reason being of course; people still thinking Buzdar is incompetent for the job.


And the memes are unstoppable


People are joking about how Usman Buzdar is probably celebrating having been overlooked


Everyone seems to think Usman Buzdar has dodged a bullet

Whatever the case may be, for now, Mr. Buzdar is safe and sound in the position he was originally given. And the government has set the precedent of not being afraid to change the portfolios for ministers if they think their performance in their current ministry is lackluster. So people shouldn’t be too worried because if the Prime Minister thinks Usman Buzdar isn’t doing a good job, he will most likely be replaced… I hope.

So it’s a little unfair that everyone is poking fun at the guy when he is just doing his job and not bothering anyone. What do you think of these memes making fun of Usman Buzdar? Let us know in the comments below.


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