Pakistanis Can't Stop Making Hasnain Lehri Jokes After He Had A Meltdown On The Internet

By Maryam Khalid | 28 Apr, 2020

These Hasnain Lehri jokes are pretty funny

Pakistan’s renowned model and possibly your man crush, Hasnain Lehri has been tweeting ”gamgheen’‘ posts for quite a while now. While people have been speculating whether or not he’s missing his mehbooba, Pakistanis being Pakistanis have started the most hilarious joke trend on him. So let’s take a look:


These Hasnain Lehri jokes have come after the model had been sharing heartbroken posts about relationship trouble

The model had been sharing some ~deeply~ sentimental tweets recently and that piqued more than just his fans’ interest. While many are worried at the way Hasnain may have chosen to process what appears to many as a breakup, many others are also equally interested in finding out the story.


Very quickly Hasnain and his relatable tweets became viral and the model even became the number one trend on Twitter

Via: Twitter


And that gave birth to the jokes


This instantly started a whole chain of Hasnain Lehri jokes


And of course Pakistanis are world famous for their meme-ing skills so Hasnain Lehri jokes have now become a legit meme


Some of these jokes are rather awkward but the skills can definitely be appreciated


But most of these Hasnain Lehri jokes are absolutely GOLD


Gham hour in the golden hour by Hasnain has given us amazing content


I cannot handle these


From Shehri to rehri, too quick


People are stopping at nothing with these jokes


God bless us. Pakistanis are insane(ly talented)


People had a whole bunch of situations ready




Tis the season

My stomach is hurting from these absolutely crazy jokes.  Hasnain Lehri, Sir, we truly understand your plight but who are Pakistanis if they don’t turn every situation into a meme?

So what do you think of these jokes? Let us know in the comments.


Cover image via @hasnainlehri / Instagram

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