Pakistanis Are Trying To Bring Back Chocki And I Fully Support This Cause

By Janita Tahir | 8 Sep, 2019

Guys, you remember Chocki right? Yes, I’m talking about Cadbury’s melted chocolate tubes that were an essential part of all of our lives growing up. You can basically say, that Chockis were our childhood wrapped in a cute little packet.

It was our answer to everything! Ammi se daant par gai? Chocki was our comfort food. Test men fail hogae? Chocki helped us cope. Kahin chot lag gai? Chocki made us forget about the pain.

But then like all good things, this too came to an end and Chocki was taken away from us…

For years, we have mourned silently but now, it is only fair that we also raise our voices for what was once ours. We want Chocki back and we want it back right now. Pakistanis all over the internet have come together to give this movement the momentum it deserves and one brave soul, Rania Javed, created a petition that has now been signed by nearly 5000 people!

The petition:

Petition for Chocki

Everybody had their own reasons for bringing back this treasure 



Twitter joined in to help the cause



While some cajoled others, some straight-up resorted to threats

Our love for Chocki trumps all


Chocki ke liye tou sifarish bhe chalay gi



One simply can’t replace it


Let’s face it – we can’t have our children grow up without ever tasting the liquid heaven that defined our childhood. We want it back and Cadbury needs to do something about it. Sign the petition here and let your voices be heard!


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