Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Thoughts On Hunain's Classmates Trying To Burn Down The School In Protest

By Maryam Khalid | 8 Sep, 2019

Hunain’s classmates tried to burn down the school in protest.

Recently, Hunain Bilal, a student of grade 10, was brutally beaten to death by his teacher at American Lycetuff School. The teacher punched him and knocked his head on the wall until Hunain lost consciousness. The dilemma lies in the fact that this was a private school, taking a handsome amount of tuition fee, and yet corporal punishment of this severity was allowed, to the point where a student lost his life.

However, the situation got even more out of hands when Hunain’s classmates turned up and set the school on fire.

They carried petrol bottles, with the intention to burn down the building, where their friend Hunain was brutally murdered.

The police and fire brigades were able to control the situation immediately, with only a few rooms being damaged due to fire. However, it has left many appalled. 

The private school mafia was called out.

However, the fact that students had to resort to this as a form of protest was also highlighted.

The school was called out for their insensitivity.

Was this the correct way to get justice? Absolutely not. However, there’s a certain level of frustration, anger, and desperation to seek justice that goes into actions like these. Perhaps, we should we be focusing on how we’ve failed our students tie and again, to the point where they are no longer safe, even in educational institutes.

What do you think about this? Let us know.


People Are Demanding Justice After A 17-Year-Old Boy In Lahore Was Beaten To Death By His Teacher



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