Pakistanis Are Sharing How The Price Hike Is Affecting Their Lives

By Sannia Bilal | 4 Apr, 2019

The recent price hike has put a lot of pressure on Pakistani pockets and young professionals are taking to social media to air their grievances.


As we all know, inflation has been one of the basic problems of our economy in recent times and the Government has come under criticism for the recent price hike

According to Business Recorder, data released by the Bureau of Statistics from March shows a rise in Pakistan’s consumer price inflation that has hit 9.41%, which is the highest in five years. How a common man copes with their budget in times like these is a crucial subject on its own.


So recently, I came across a very interesting thread where people were sharing the financial problems they’ve been facing due to inflation.


It all started when this guy stated that most of his salary is spent on bills and that he hasn’t been hit this hard by inflation ever before.

Following the course, a number of people shared their personal experiences on the matter.


Many are talking about how moving out of one’s parents house seems impossible under the given circumstances.


Others lamented about how eating out is becoming even more difficult for many


While there are those who can’t move out of their parents’ homes, there are others who’re considering moving back in with their parents to save up.


Utility bills, in particular, are a huge woe for many


A devastated mother talked about the challenges she has to face to fulfill the basic requirements of her kids


It was also discussed how owning a piece of land seems like a dream that is too far-fetched for words.


This person even shared their crucial struggle on the matter of property



So yeah, it’s important for us to acknowledge that in this struggle for dear life, where people are striving to put food on the table, they’re paying the price of their dreams and ambitions. Having a family and hoping for a better future for their kids is a challenge for many. We’re working day in and out, just to fulfill our basic needs, all else seems like a luxury we cant afford. Khair, lets hope things turn around sooner than later.

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