Pakistanis Are Demanding Justice After The Truth About How Nimrita Kumari Passed Came Forward

By Sarmad Amer | 7 Nov, 2019

Nimrita Kumari passed away under suspicious circumstances are her VC is being blamed now

Back in September it came to light that Nimrita Kumari, a medical student in Larkana, passed away in suspicious circumstances. Her university had made a statement that she took her own life but her family kept demanding investigation. The circumstances around her passing were particularly suspicious because she was from Ghotki and a Hindu temple vandalism incident had also happened in Ghotki.


After Nimrita Kumari was found in her hostel under suspicious circumstances it created a lot of controversy

Her family gave statements in the media and pursued the cause because they were very firm in their belief that Nimrita could not have taken the action herself and there may be other reasons behind the way her body was found. They demanded swift investigation and kept on pressing the authorities into action.


Last night it came to light that Nimrita Kumari was indeed raped and murdered, and did not take her own life

According to the final post mortem report issued by Chandka Medical College Hospital, Woman Medico-Legal Officer, Ms. Kumari was sexually abused and then murdered.


People are obviously pissed off at how the authorities were quick to victim-blame Nimrita, earlier


They are honing in on the Vice Chancellor of the Asifa Bibi Dental College who had earlier claimed to the media that Nimrita had taken her own life


They think the VC may be protecting a high profile person


And should be arrested for blaming the death of Nimrita on her own self without proper investigation

While it is definitely a positive step that finally authorities took the step to find truth about the circumstances of Nimrita Kumari’s passing, it’s also very shocking that it took Nimrita’s family to plead to the media and refuse to believe what they were being fed about their daughter.

May Nimrita rest in peace.


Nimrita Kumari Of Ghotki Passed Away Under Suspicious Circumstances And Pakistanis Are Demanding Answers

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