Pakistani Women Are Pissed About ‘Veere Di Wedding' Ban And We Definitely Agree

By Arslan Athar | 30 May, 2018

Kareena and Sonam Kapoor’s latest movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ is creating a lot of buzz. From the moment the trailer was released, everyone knew this wasn’t going to be your average Bollywood movie. The movie follows 4 female friends, who are all equally munhphatt, dealing with life and questions of ‘marriage’ and ‘morality’. From the trailer (and song videos) it seems like the movie aims to show women as having agency and having a voice against the patriarchal society that surrounds them.

Source: Balaji Motion Pictures

A lot of people were looking forward to seeing the movie here in Pakistan. Sadly, the Censor Board banned the movie this afternoon

According to their official statement, they were shocked that such explicit content is being shown in a film. They deemed the film ‘vulgar’, thereby banning it across Pakistan.

Pakistani women took to Twitter to express their anger about this 

Clearly, priorities are messed up 

Some *interesting* trends were spotted 

Everyone is seeing through the Censor Board’s intentions

Because female characters were highlighted and female friendship was glorified; obviously, Pakistani women were excited to see the film 

All the material we’ve seen from the film so far is very obviously celebrating woman-hood and the beauty of female friendship. This one movie represents the total opposite of films we’ve been seeing come out of our region. For once, women are shown in a powerful role, commanding their lives and how they want to live it. From what we can tell, it also deals with the anxieties of growing up in the Sub-continent; the different trials and tribulations you face given how the patriarchy here works.


Source: @sonamakapoor // Instagram


A lot of discussions online revolve around the fact that the Censor board needs to ban more Indian films, however, this ban is beyond ‘India-Pakistan dynamics’, this ban represents how unwilling some people are to seeing women in a powerful role. This film would connect to so many women, on both sides of the border, as it is the first time that there has been a movie by women for women.


This movie is a bold declaration of womanhood and spreads the message of being proud of who you are, and celebrating one another. 

Source: @sonamakapoor // Instagram


The question falls to the Censor Board, what made them want to ban ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and let other, more problematic, movies screen in Pakistan? Weren’t movies like ‘Padmavaat,’ or ‘Chain Aye Na,’ disturbing our ‘national’ sense of morality? How is it that this one movie poses such a great threat to how to see ourselves and the women in our lives.

Meanwhile, ‘Hello! Pakistan’ has speculated that this ban may be a temporary one and that the movie may be allowed to play after Eid.

What do you make of the ban? Let us know in the comments section.

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