These Pakistani TV Ads Have Seriously Gone A Little Too Far, It's Cringy AF

By Arslan Athar | 28 Jun, 2017

Pakistani TV ads. We’ve all seen them and we all have many thoughts about them. Some of pretty alright, they do their job and get the message across. Others are just all sorts of¬†chamak dhamak¬†and some totally unnecessary load of emotions.


The first offender has to be none other than Tarang

What does Tarang sell? Doodh for chai. 

So, it totally makes sense for their ads to look like this:

Tarang is a serial offender, each ad is bigger, bolder and so much more glitzy than the last. Take a look for yourself.

This particular ad has an all-star cast: Humaima Malik, Taimoor Danish and a cameo by Fahad Mustafa. Movie hai ke ad? 

Next up is mere des ka biscuit Gala.

Well, you have to got o hand it to them, that song is SO FREAKING CATCHY

Then we have Dostea, who made a WHOLE ad series which culminated with this ad

Extravagant shaadi, wohoo! Are you noticing a trend here. Dance numbers and chai biskoot walay ads seem to go hand in hand.

Shaadi se yaad aya, National Food Masalay is pretty high on the culprits list too.

This ad definitely resonated with the many dramaybaaz of the country, and re-introduced Chitta Kukar as a shaadi song but still. All that hungama for some chaat masala? 

If there’s anything other than a¬†shaadi¬†that can unite Pakistan, its Eid. National Foods gave the country this ‘heartwarming’ and incredibly unrealistic ad.¬†

Don’t worry Cadbury, we didn’t forget you.¬†

After all, you reminded us all that a¬†bahu¬†with a¬†dupatta¬†is the way into a stone cold¬†saas’s¬†heart

Satrangi came out with this ad for Eid this year.

The only redeeming factor: Hadiqa Kiani’s song. Literally that’s it

McDonald’s also joined the cringe-fest with this ‘amazing’ ad.

Pehla pyaar, woh bhi McDonalds. Baji have you had the thailay fries like EVER?

Biscuit tou hum araam se nahin bech saktay 


Scratch that, hum koi cheez bhi araam se nahin bech saktay


Let’s not forget the seriously cringy condom ads that Mathira stars in, that parody other popular ads


So, Pakistan, as you can see we have a problem

But what do we do about it? These ads are so much fun to watch, get shocked by and then hate on. What Pakistani ads do you think are a little too much?


I Just Saw Mathira’s Cringy New Condom Ad And I Have SO ūü§Ē MANY ūü§Ē Questions ūü§Ē


Cover image via: DKT Pakistan / YouTube

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