Government School Teachers On Daily Wages Are Protesting And It's Extremely Disheartening

By Sajeer Shaikh | 26 Jan, 2018

Being a teacher is a double-edged sword in Pakistan. On one hand, Pakistani teachers deserve a certain amount of respect, simply because they impart education and help shape our lives. However, on the other hand, teaching itself is a profession that’s looked down upon. Why? The salary usually isn’t that great, for starters. Moreover, a lot of Pakistanis happen to believe in the “those-who-can’t-do-teach” mindset.

After all, when was the last time you heard someone say, “Oh, she’s just a teacher?”


Well, now, teachers who are being paid less are raising their voices.

Teachers on daily wages have been protesting for more than a fortnight over their pending salary and its regularization. Many facts were put forward during these protests.

For instance, the shockingly low salary rates were highlighted. 


The fact that teachers have households to run seemed to have been forgotten. While it’s highly saddening that a protest had to be held and has been going on for 20 days, it’s great to see that these teachers are not accepting silence and oppression.

The act of uniting to raise their voices is a win in itself.

Via Twitter

However, it doesn’t just stop there. Considering the protest has gone on for nearly 20 days, it’s heartbreaking to see that any action is yet to be taken. People raising their voices on social media platforms are even tagging Maryam Nawaz to take notice of these teachers’ collective plight.

The images of the protest are pretty saddening as well. 

Via Twitter

These individuals, who have families to look after, are out on the streets, fighting for their right. However, what’s important is that they’re not backing down, and that’s an example for us all.

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