Here's Why You Should Be Thankful It's Not The Summer Season Right Now

By Eamaan Arain | 18 May, 2015

Everyone has their favorite season, some like spring for the beautiful flowers, some like winters because they are great for the DPs. Right now, with the weather becoming warmer by the day and mercury soaring higher, people are looking set to welcome summer season.

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But here are some of summer season’s mainstays to remind you what life on the “other side” is like:

1. Lawn Shopping Craze

This mainly applies to women; however, men can be equally guilty. In a country with electricity issues, it is natural to find the air conditioned malls packed filled with gazillion people. You will definitely see an abundance of posters and billboards all around the city!

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2. Mango mania

Given Pakistan produces some of the best mangoes in the world, how would you NOT expect locals to go crazy for mangoes, especially when you have so many to choose from! This fruit is the pride of our nation.

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3. Laziness. Everywhere

Each and everyone gets hit by the heat so so hard that all anyone can do is sit still and wish for a cool shower.

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And if you’re expecting to be entertained by animals in the zoo during the summers, then you’re up for a disappointment. The scorching heat makes most animals tired and dehydrated.

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4. Angry & irritated people everywhere

When the weather heats up, so do the people. And if Ramazan happens to take place during the summer… well, let’s just say the weather isn’t the the only thing unpleasant. It doesn’t help when road rules don’t exist.

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5. Everything Melts

From the made up faces of all the aunties to the birthday cake you were planning on surprising your best friend with. Everything melts in the summer.

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6. Load…Shedding *shudders*

Load shedding, or power cuts, are an everyday occurrence but the summer makes things worse. After surviving the night drowning in your sweat you simply don’t have the energy to face the world.

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7. You Drink A Lot. You Pee A Lot.

Nothing beats a local version of refreshing Pakistani drinks such as a cold lassi, a thirst quenching sattu, and a refreshing shikanjvi. But after downing these by the liter, you’re sure to make frequent trips to the loo.

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8.  Frequent showers

No matter what time of the day it is a shower is all you want during summer

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9. Mosquito attacks

Everyone knows that this is an ideal weather for mosquitoes to show up! They drive you mad sometimes. Make sure to protect yourself from Dengue.

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10.  Overcrowded beaches

As soon as summer hits, all people lucky enough to have a beach go to the water to cool off. The ones with no other options have to resort to a pee filled water park.

There is a good thing about summer season too:

11. Vacation time

If the summer gets too hot to handle, Pakistanis can visit the paradise in Pakistan. Pakistan isn’t short of beautiful locations.

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If you’re missing summer too much and you would like us to send you mangoes, email us on

We are mango freaks and we keep a secret stash just for the winters 😉

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