This Guy's Question Started A Debate About Having A Restaurant For Pets In Pakistan And WE. CAN'T. HANDLE. IT.

By Biya Haq | 4 Jun, 2017

In a popular Facebook group for food lovers in Pakistan, a group member posted a question about pet friendly restaurants in Lahore, as he wanted to take his dog out for his birthday (awwww).

However, instead of being answered, the post was quickly removed by the group’s admins.

Confused, another user posted a picture of the deleted post and his (ADORABLE) pup and asked why the admin’s felt the need to take it down.

Via: Facebook

Other members of the group were quick to respond to the post being taken down and it was clear to see that pet owners were not very pleased by the group’s admins.


Our country was literally founded by a pup lover. How could you possibly counter that argument?

Via: Facebook


A silver lining appeared when the talk of a possible pet cafe or pet restaurant became the topic of discussion

Via: Facebook


And then it got interesting…

Via: Facebook


We’re excited

Via: Facebook



Just think of all the itty baby puppies, sweet little kittens, pretty parrots and a snake or two! (Variety is the spice of life people, get with it.) A place where all of your pets could go and do pet things, have pet friends and pet foods.


*Wipes tear away*

The pet culture in Pakistan is larger than we think. It’s important to realize that pets are family and for those of us who do have them, we are all genuinely interested in questions like ‘where can I take my dog for his birthday.’

Open call to everyone out there who wants to start a pet restaurant, don’t be hesitant because thanks to the post that started it all,  you clearly have got plenty of support. Love you.

Via: Deenga

Do you like animals? Would you love to see a pet restaurant where you and your precious pup/cat/parrot/horse could chill with other pups/cats/parrots/horses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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