Could This Pakistani Rapper Be The Next Bohemia?

By Lamees Wajahat | 6 May, 2017

When you ask the average Pakistani who their favorite rapper is, more often than not they’ll tell you it’s Bohemia

Source: Stars Unfolded


And rightfully so. He essentially founded Punjabi rap, and revolutionized hip-hop as we know it.


Also, Bohemia is possibly the only rapper to get as big a stage as the Coke Studio

That was essentially the first time many people in Pakistan (and everywhere else the show goes to, since it’s an international sensation) to Bohemia, and even rap music, in many cases.


But what if there was a new revolutionary?

Meet Hassan Javed, aka Guru Lahori

#PARDES ? @bhaveshchauhan

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He’s young and ambitious, and has a lot to offer. Dude is a Canadian-Pakistani rapper who’s getting quite a bit of buzz among the desi bachay who live in North America because of his insanely catchy tunes.


Can we check out those bars?

Although he is based in Calgary, Canada, he stays true to his Lahori roots with tracks like Woh


He has an impressive following on Facebook and Instagram,

Guru also has songs on the local music app Patari. The best thing (for Guru, obviously) is that even Bohemia, a huge influence, is a fan of Guru Lahori and has given him his “blessings”, of sorts.

BOHEMIA the punjabi rapper giving me a shoutout after hearing #OOHKILLEM #KDM #KALIDENALi #Bohemia HLB Pakistan #Farrukhkhan Stay Up Movement Kali Denali Music Blackeyegalaxy

Posted by Guru Lahori on Montag, 15. Februar 2016


Now, Guru Lahori may be cool with his tune, he definitely doesn’t yet have the swag that Bohemia does

Their vision is limited, your potential is limitless. Don't let anyone define your destiny. ?

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But we got our eyes on you, Guru. You’re cool.


What do you think about Guru Lahori? Do you think he’s cool enough, and his tunes good enough, to be featured on the next Coke Studio? Would you call him the next Bohemia?

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