13 Totally Do-able Ways You Can Genuinely Become A Better Pakistani Citizen In 2018

By Biya Haq | 9 Jan, 2018

Being a strong model citizen may mean something different to all of us. Whether you live in Pakistan or somewhere overseas, there is always something we can do to help keep our country strong, happy and thriving.  

We thought we’d go into 2018 with a list of little things we can all do to try and be better Pakistani citizens.


Here are 13 little things you can do to be a model citizen in Pakistan.

Via: Deenga

You’re gonna love em.

1. Kabhi Kabhi horn ke upar se haath utha lein.

Source: Hulu Via: GiphyNoise pollution is a real thing in Pakistan and it affects everyone around you. Think about all the little kids and babies on motorbikes that have to deal with it and how harsh it is upon their little baby eardrums. Be mindful, people.


2. Conserve as much as power as you can.

It’s no secret that we have a load shedding issue. Since we obviously can’t do MUCH about it, we can make a difference in our homes by using energy conserving light fixtures. Small fix, big problem.


3. Pick up trash wherever you see it.

We know, there’s a ton, but utha lo.


4. Be honest, whenever you can.

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We know this sounds silly, but it does make a difference in the wider scheme of things. Imagine if every person in this country told the truth. Where do you think we would be?


5. Support our heroes.

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ALWAYS. Support is key, people. Support is key.


6. Do your best to keep your city beautiful.

Painting the walls, restoring old cultural buildings, keeping them CLEAN! All you need is the initiative, friends.


7. Volunteer as much as you can, wherever you can!

edhi cartoon

Charity starts at home and we have plenty that needs to go around. Whether you’re taking time to visit the kids at SOS or raise some money for the Edhi Foundation or even spending a day at your local animal shelter! Every little bit helps. Promise.


8.Support others who are trying to make a difference.

Source: deenga.com

Support and encouragement is key to bringing about change in any kind of situation. It can be lonely trying to make a difference but a little positive reinforcement can go a long, long way.


9. Explore EVERYTHING.

Source: deenga

Whether it’s traveling to the north or making friends from other areas of the country, it’s good to know every aspect of what we have to offer.


10. Don’t be judgmental.

Source: DanishAli/Youtube

No more with the ‘log kya kaheingay.‘ NONE!


11. Be aware. 

Via Deenga.com

The first step to making efforts to fix anything around you is being aware. Knowledge is power and it’s all you need to start making a difference.


12. Represent Pakistan positively wherever you go.

Whether you strongly associate yourself with this country or try and stay as far away as you can, (no judgment), you are still a Pakistani. How you act in your day to day lives is an exact picture of what people see this country as.


13. Be proud of your country and where you’re from.

We know we haven’t always had the most reasons in the world to be proud of Pakistan, but at the end of the day, it is our job to have faith in it. If we won’t, who will?


Cover image via: rediff.com

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