The World Has Just Discovered The Pakistani Mr. Bean And They're So Excited About It

By Sarmad Amer | 4 May, 2018

The Pakistani Mr. Bean has gone international after being discovered by people outside of our country.The world is falling in love with the cute copycat of the much beloved British TV character who has become a world icon now.


Of course, the original Mr. Bean is a beloved British character who has transcended time and boundaries to become a classic that everyone loves and our Pakistani version might just be getting that moment of his own.

Originally portrayed by British actor Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean has become a cultural icon all around the world for his cute antics and lack of any dialogue. Maybe the fact that he doesn’t speak a word, makes him endearing for people of all cultures and backgrounds all over the world.


The original character first appeared in a British television show on January 1, 1990 that ran for five years. The character became so iconic that he was also featured in the Opening Ceremony celebrations of the London Olympics in 2012.


The Pakistani Mr. Bean is portrayed by actor Muhammad Asif who’s originally from Kharadar neighborhood of Karachi

He became famous in Pakistan after somebody’s photographs of him became viral that showed how strong of a resemblance Asif had with the original actor. He then on to portray the Mr. Bean character in a series of ads for a prominent Pakistani bank.


Well, the world just got introduced to Mr. Asif and it’s hilarious how cute they’re reacting to it

The video that has gone viral was originally by Magician Omar Black who met Muhammad Asif A.K.A the Pakistani Mr. Bean in a Pakistan Day Celebration video in Dubai, earlier this year.

After it was picked up by international media, the video just BLEW UP. With one video getting more than 7 million views in 2 days. It has also been a top post on Reddit.


The world can’t believe how much the Pakistani version looks like the original Mr. Bean

Via: Reddit


They’re particularly surprised by how even the expressions are spot on

Via: Reddit


Via: Reddit


Some didn’t even realize that this wasn’t the actual Mr. Bean in the video

Via: Reddit


And now they’re wishing for an episode of the show featuring the two together

Via: Reddit


And of course there are lots of jokes

Via: Reddit


They’re even finding a name for him

Via: Reddit


And making some very dirty jokes along the way

Via: Reddit


Are you a fan of the Pakistani version or the original version? Lets see if your opinions are the same as everyone else. Vote here:



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