These Models Made A Video Mocking Zara Noor Abbas’s Runway Walk And She Just Shut Them Up

By Iman Zia | 11 Apr, 2018

In a world where we often belittle one another, it comes as no surprise that unfortunately Pakistani women often tend to make fun of each other and backbite. Zara Noor Abbas walked at the FPWSS 2018 last night for designer FnkAsia and her walk was a little unique, but immediately subjected to mockery by a few famous Pakistani models.


Zara’s unique walk was bold, fierce and nothing short of sassy, and although a little unique, there isn’t anything more empowering than watching a woman strut her stuff on the runway

Here’s a full video of Zara’s confident walk as one of the showstoppers for Fnkasia (the other being Noor Khan).


The actress took to Instagram after finding a video of a few Pakistani models allegedly mocking her walk and coupled it with a long statement

The kernel of her long caption that accompanied the video was about how here ‘women don’t build women, they bash at each other like this.’

Source: @zaranoorabbas.official/Instagram

(Scroll down for the full video)

Here’s her full statement – she mentioned how sad it is ‘for all the people trying to empower women, and clarified that she ‘is an actor, not a model’

“Hey Dear Stunning Models!! You girls look amazing in this video and thank you for making me learn a few things about the world. Now i cant complain why women in the world have to fight so much for gender equality. That is because women don’t build women. They bash at eachother like this. It’s so sad. So so sad for all the people who are trying to empower women. They don’t know that it is the women who dont let eachother grow.
I am an Actor, not a model. I cant even imagine to be a model. It is so effortlessly amazing and tiring at the same time. 
But as an entertainer, it is my job to entertain my audiences. And thats what i did with my walk which was based on the theme of a warrior princess thus the belt and the boots were incorporated in my outfit. That is why designers choose actors as showstoppers for their walks. To add more drama. Some liked it, some didn’t. My designer was happy and so was i. 
But anyway, all the best for tonight. Run the world, Girls!!”


She mentioned her stint on the runway and addressed her fierce and confident walk as being correlated with the theme of the dress she wore, as a ‘warrior princess’

Source: @pakistani__celebrities/Instagram


Here’s the video of the Pakistani models allegedly mocking Zara

At one point, a model makes fun of Zara’s hand gesture at the end of her walk, and her various hair flips and tried insinuating Zara had a rather aggressive approach to her walk.


What are your thoughts on this?

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