This Pakistani Model Is Breaking Into The World Of Art And It Is Absolutely Breathtaking

By Biya Haq | 6 Feb, 2018

Rehmat Ajmal, one of the strongest faces in the Pakistani fashion world, holds more than meets the eye.

Apart from her success in the modeling world she is actually an extremely talented artist, well rehearsed in the world of textile design.

A recent graduate of National College of Arts, Rehmat Ajmal graduated with a distinction in her class and a thesis that was absolutely beautiful in its own right.

Source: Rehmat Ajmal

When speaking to MangoBaaz in regards to her work, Rehmat said: “I based my thesis on the book called one hundred years of solitude which is based on the concept of magical realism.”

Source: Rehmat Ajmal


She went on to say,

“I introduced technology and infused it with textile so we can progress as an industry. The idea was to add videos and let them be projected on you to create an experience of magical reality.”

Source: Rehmat Ajmal


“So not only can you look at the print but also feel like a part of its concept.”

Source: Rehmat Ajmal


She has established herself in the fashion world as one of the most striking faces in the industry. Taking part in a number of campaigns, she has excelled in her modeling career.

However, when it comes to her art, it’s important for her to be set apart from her modeling career and step into the art scene, a field which is very important to her.

Source: Rehmat Ajmal

When speaking to us, she said,”Well I was first an artist then I became a model. Art has been with me for a really long time so I will always want to take it parallel to modeling.”

She went on to say,

“Plus I believe there are so many branches to art and modeling for me is also an art form. I just want to step out as an artist by doing things I love doing as these are all branches of the same tree.”

Suffice to say her art is exceptional and we are so excited to see Rehmat will bring to the table in her own unique way.

What did you think about her pieces of work? What was your favorite? Do you have any questions for her? Let us know in the comments section below! Love you.


Cover photo via Rehmat Ajmal

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