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Can Someone Tell Me Why I Can’t Dress Up Like My Favorite Pakistani Male Celebrity?

Can Someone Tell Me Why I Can’t Dress Up Like My Favorite Pakistani Male Celebrity?

Our male celebrities have quite an amazing styling squad. They dress so spiffy, and honestly, it makes us want to dress up like them; they’re our #fashiongoals. However, the incredibly sad thing here is that when you go out to look for their items of clothing, kehin nahin miltay, and then you’re left with your less-than-spectacular wardrobe.


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It’s honestly so infuriating!

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Yes, it’s true that celebrities need to dress a certain way and with certain ‘swag’ but since they’re public figures, it’s only natural that they influence style choices. 

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Now, since they have a good team behind them, their outfits look uh-mazing. For me, when I see these outfits on Instagram, my first reaction is to look up where the clothes are from. Usually, either a stylist is credited or a SUPER SUPER exclusive brand is quoted.


Source: @hasnainlehri // Instagram


And then they’re times there are absolutely NO credits, and I’m just like, ab mein kya karun yaar? 

Like kya hi chala jata if Ali Sethi told us where he got that scarf from. Khair, it’s okay, I’m cool!


Then there are times when credits are given in full, but you go to that brand’s page and don’t find anything. 

Then you go to the store and don’t see it. Like, what even! Mujhe bhi chahiye ye waistcoat.

Source: @adnanmalik1 // Instagram


It just seems like the ladies can have all the fun (another Hasnain Lehri one because his wardrobe is a dream)

Source: @hasnainlehri // Instagram


Of course, there are some brands that cater exclusively to men’s clothing but then again, they’re just a handful and also SUPER expensive. I’m not saying that a simple shalwar kameez is by any means a ‘lesser’ outfit, but of course, if you see your stars being so jazzed up, a part of you wants to emulate it…



Source: @hasnainlehri // Instagram


It just seems unfair how women’s fashion is more accessible whereas men are just assumed to be able to do with fewer options

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s easy finding men’s clothing?

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