Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Pakistani Khal Drogo On Coke Studio

By Sarah Babar | 19 Aug, 2017

Pakistani television and Pakistani internet have been taken over by music, these past few weeks. And it’s become even more so, over the last few days. Coke Studio dropped one of the hottest songs of the season, thus far, and people have actually gone mental over it

Along with Ali Sethi’s jacket, one of the biggest takeaways from this song was this fine gentleman

Source: Coke Studio


His voice, his resemblance to Game of Thrones Khal Drogo have taken the audience by absolute storm

Source: Coke Studio

Say goodbye to your urges of having to stalk him, we’re doing the job. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pakistani Khal Drogo, Waqar Ehsin:


1. Waqar Ehsin belongs to a musical family

He’s the grandson of the legendary ghazal singer Ijaz Hussain Hazrevi, who in turn was the disciple of the revered Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.



2. He was never interested in music, at first

In spite of having such a big source of inspiration at home, Waqar wasn’t into music at all. His father wanted him to become a doctor like every other desi parent ever.

Source: Coke Studio


3. He left music for his Masters degree and later, left his Masters for music

He started out with music playing in college and in company of friends. But then he decided to give up music for a while and focus on his studies.

Source: Coke Studio


4. But this separation from music was very shortlived

It came to a point where he couldn’t concentrate on anything because his mind kept composing songs. This is why he eventually left studies to pursue music. While talking to MangoBaaz, Waqar said he always believed that if someone even has an ounce of talent, they should give it their all to polish it. And that’s what he did.

Source: Mind War Productions


5. He has been the only shagird of Abida Parveen, ever

He’s trained under her wing, which is why there is a reflection of her sound in Waqar’s. To have trained under such a big name, alone, is amazing. And then to put all that training to use.

Source: Coke Studio


6. The chemistry between him and Ali Sethi during “Tinak Dhin” was especially interesting and there’s a back story to it

Ali Sethi is the student of Farida Khanum ji. 

Source: Coke Studio


7. He’s collaborating with names like Mika Singh and Jasmine Sandlas from across the border, soon enough

We’ll hear more of that, soon. *fingers crossed*

Source: Mind War Productions


8. “Ankhoun Ke Sagar” by Fuzon was the song that actually got him into singing

Shafqat Amanat  Ali Khan is also one of Waqar’s biggest inspirations.

Source: Mind War Productions


9. Those are not contacts, those really are his eyes…haye

He gets surprised by his own eyes, sometimes.

Source: Mind War Productions

Eyyyyy cutie!


10. Ali Hamza and Ali Sethi literally took him in as a younger brother, and the three supported each other within the song

They helped make the song better for each other, they supported each other throughout the song, and kept pushing the other to do better.

Source: Coke Studio


11. He has more of his solo music coming out, soon

While ‘Tinak Dhin” is, unfortunately, his only song coming out this season, we can’t wait to hear more of him

Source: Mind War Productions


12. He was nervous AF during his debut at Coke Studio

Source: Coke Studio

What we thought was glitter, turned out to be him sweating. And the vulnerability of a musician shining through is the best thing about his music. Other than the adrenaline rush that comes with being a performer.


13. He refuses to be boxed into a single genre so he’s branching out into smany more

He’s worked on ballads, bhangra, Carribean music and he’s already working on much more.

Source: Mind War Productions


14. He’s being dubbed as the Pakistani Khal Drogo, Aquaman and all-round Jason Momoa


15. You can breathe, ladies, our man is single

For now…

Source: Mind War Productions


Towards the end of our super musical conversation (yes he sang), he ended on these words, which we’re definitely taking to heart, and in our stride.

“Whatever you do in life, make sure you’re the best at it. Make sure you’re properly trained for it. There will be people who will have more money than you, more sifarish than you, but you have to prove to them that with talent, you can conquer anything. And you have to prove that. Jo bhi kerein, usse properly seekh ker aayein, so nobody can turn around and tell you you’re not good enough.


Thank you for the words, Waqar Ehsin. Thank you for singing. Thank you for existing.

What do you think about Waqar’s debut in Coke Studio?

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