This Pakistani Guy's Twitter Rant About Women Depending On Men For Financial Stability Is All Sorts Of Amazing

By Iman Zia | 8 Apr, 2017

Twitter is a place many go just to rant and get into online fights. It is pretty vapid, there’s no doubt about that but sometimes some people can say something that hits the nerve.

One Twtter user, @omgarsalboy unleashed the good kind of hell today on Twitter, calling out Pakistanis who thought it acceptable for men to be the sole breadwinner of the household. In a twist to what we’re so used to hearing where women are the ones picked on, Arsal rightly advocated that the pressure on men to bring home the bucks is just wrong.


He rightly defined feminism as EQUALITY.


And highlighted that pressure on men DOES exist because of the patriarchal setup that currently prevails


The stereotypes that exist in Pakistan whereby household duties are JUST for women has to end


In most cases it isn’t the woman’s fault – you’ll have countless chauvinistic men suppressing women and confining them to the four walls of their house.


The concept of BOTH mum and dad working jobs and also raising a family is somewhat an unpopular route in out part of the world.

One that is looked down upon as to be taken only when extreme circumstances force you to.


Arsal, however said that financial stability has to be a two-way street.


We aren’t living in the dark times y’all.


Many  on Twitter weren’t exactly happy with the way Arsal thought about women working for their financial stability

People responded back claiming that the only way to ‘save’ a family is if the wife works from home…because THAT makes so much sense?


Most women have no excuse and depending on your husband in this day and age is pretty shameful ngl. UNLESS there’s a legit reason.


And this takes the pressure off of men, too. Women becoming financially stable can contribute to the overall income.


Arsal had zero chill for an incompetent fool who said if the house isn’t clean then life is over.

Hard work isn’t easy, and the lazy culture among Pakistanis is real AF.


And before he ended his rant, Arsal delivered this final burn


What do you folks think about this rant? Do you think women need to be confined to domestic upkeep, only?

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