This Pakistani Is Traveling The Entire World On His Bicycle To Bring People Of All Cultures Together

By Ather Ahmed | 16 Jan, 2018

One of the best ways to discover yourself is by exploring the world around you. The more you see the world, the more you will be able to better understand your place and purpose in it. Long story short travel as much as your means allow you it will always be a worthwhile experience. It’s not just about reaching the destination, but the entire journey itself. Each passing moment is rewarding in many ways. The whole idea is to take it all in and cleanse yourself. It is not necessary that you use conventional modes of travel to go on your self-discovery journey. This one Pakistani guy is traveling around the world using just his bicycle.


Meet Kamran Ali, a photographer and cyclist from Pakistan

Kamran was born and raised in a rural district called Layyah. Later on, he moved to Germany to pursue his higher studies.

Source: Kamran Ali via: Facebook


Shortly afterwards he quit his studies and decided to pursue his passion for travelling

Source: Kamran Ali Via Facebook

“I left everything to travel the world by bicycle,” he told MangoBaaz.  Kamran has been traveling since the past three years just on his bicycle. Up until now he has travelled to a total of 42 countries. This includes a 10,000 km ride from Germany to Pakistan.


Currently, he is cycling from the southernmost part of Argentina to Alaska

Source: Kamran Ali Via Facebook

“Right now I am cycling the last stretch of Mexico hoping to enter the US in the first week of February,” he told MangoBaaz. Kamran estimates that he will complete his world tour during the next eight months.


He has traveled far and wide and met some really exciting people from all parts of the world

When I saw performers snapping selfies with cell phones, I knew it was not going to work. It was simply too dark for…

Posted by Kamran On Bike on Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017


An avid photographer and documentary filmmaker, Kamran aims to bring people of all culture together through his travels and you can watch part of his journey unfold in this video

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