YouTube Just Shut Down The Pakistani Government's Account Because They Stole A Video

By Kashaf | 2 Feb, 2018

So the Pakistani government is infamous for getting away with corruption, but this time they’ve been caught stealing.

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Irfan Junejo, a Pakistani YouTuber, recently took to Twitter to complain that the Pakistani Government’s YouTube channel had stolen content from his videos, without his permission.

Junejo is a popular YouTuber and has over 88,000 subscribers. He vlogs his travels across Pakistan as well as his day-to-day activities. He has stated on his Twitter that the content stolen was from his video about Naran.

The official Pakistani Government’s YouTube channel had used Junejo’s content in a video titled “Family Friendly Activities in Pakistan.” They have stated that they gave Junejo credits in the description of the video. Although they added credits, they did not ask Junejo for his permission.

source: @duckybhai/Twitter


People on Twitter had mixed feelings about the issue

Most agreed that it was totally unethical

One person started poking fun and suggested he should copyright his content

Many people were justifying the Government stealing

However, soon after Junejo complained, YouTube terminated the Pakistani Government’s account.

source: Youtube


How do you feel about the situation?

cover image source: @irfanjunejo / Twitter

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