13 Ways Pakistani Girls Can Fully Live Life Before Marriage, Because Log Kya Kaheinge Bhaar Main Jaye

By Nai Dulhan | 30 May, 2018

If you’re a Pakistani girl, you’re probably tired of hearing, “Log kya kehain gai?.” It seems as if society has equated the independence of Pakistani girls with marriage when it’s the complete opposite. You know what, sometimes it is okay to break the rules and do something for yourself, even if it raises a few eyebrows – kyunke ab nahi toh phir kab?

Here are some of the apparently “haw haye” things you can do to live your life with a bit of adventure:

1. Travel alone or with your chuddi buddies

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That’s right girls. Traveling alone or with your best friend can be one of the most fulfilling and self-discovering experiences of your life. You’ll make memories which will remain with you forever and ever – because afterward, you’ll have a permanent syndrome that you have to deal with – it’s called “the husband”.


2. Live alone – absolutely alone!

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If you can afford it, get a place for yourself that you can call “mera ghar”. It should be a place where you can make or break your own rules and not have your Amma force you to clean your room every weekend.


3. Build your career

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It’s 2018. App husband ka wait na kerain to make your dreams come true – do it yourself, with your own khoon and paseena! Feeling he aur hoti hai yaar!


4. Groom yourself 

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Whether it’s being able to apply surkhi pawder and look like a rockstar within 10 minutes, or being able to talk about things that you have no idea about but still seem smart (it’s an art) – basically, be the best version of yourself. Zindagi mai saas-bahu ki gossip ke ilawa aur bhe bohat kuch hai.


5. Be a harmless tharki for once

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Harmless chaskas are an essential part of life. Sometimes it’s okay to embrace the inner cheapster in you and indulge in some harmless flirting. Bas safe rehna. Pakistani boys bohat jaldi ghalatfehmi ka shikaar ho jatay hain.

6. Dump someone or get dumped

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Girls, it is okay to get your heart broken or break a heart at least once before finally tying the knot (hopefully the first and the last time) – you will learn some valuable lessons about yourself and people.


7. Build a bank account

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Jo maza apni kamai kharch kernay mai hai, voh aur kisi cheez mai nai hai – try it, it’s addictive! Be financially independent so you’re able to depend on yourself.


8. Get a tattoo…chahey temporary hee sahi

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Get a tattoo of something that holds meaning to you. Agar ammi se dar lagta hai toh get a tiny one. There are plenty of tattoo artists in Pakistan who are killer at their job. If you don’t want something too permanent you can even get a temporary one


9. Learn how to cook your favorite food

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On a very serious note: learn how to make your favorite food so you can survive on your own in case there is a zombie attack and the bawarchi decides to quit.


10. Learn to admit your mistake

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When married men complain: “Mere biwi kabhi apni ghalti nai manti!” the pro-women bandi in me gets so happy – but ladies, there is no grace in that – it is okay to step down and admit your mistake where it’s due.


11. Learn to say NO!

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Heads will turn and even break when you, as a new biwi/bahu will dare to say no. Kisi ne sikhaya he nai yaar! But listen up ladies, it teaches you to trust your own judgment and stand your ground – which is very important when you’re in a marriage.


12. Complete your education

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Parhai = power, so when life gives you lemons – you slay your achaar game and show ‘em you can work your thang in any situation life throws at you.


13. Learn how to drive

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Ladies please, don’t be that girl who waits for the driver to drive you around town. Learn to drive yourself around the city so if you need to run an errand at 12 A.M at night, you depend on your arms and legs only.

Okay, that concludes this list. Girls, what else do you think you can do before getting married but are afraid to because – log kya kehain gai? Let us know in the comments below!

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