This Pakistani Girl Just Stared Down A Racist Protester And It Looks EXACTLY Like That Kendall Jenner Ad, In Real Life

By Iman Zia | 11 Apr, 2017

Forget Kendall Jenner being the face of a revolution. All hail Saffiyah Khan.

This British born Pakistani-Bosnian woman just stared down a cop like a boss ass bitch

When the English Defense League (EDL), a far right political group in England, held a protest in Birmingham against last month’s attack at Westminster bridge, British Pakistani-Bosnian Saffiyah decided to show up to protect vulnerable members of the public who might end up being harassed by the racist party who glorify white supremacy.



She was hanging around the protest and intervened when Saira Zafar, who was wearing a headscarf, was cornered by a bunch of EDL protesters.

Via The Sun


That’s when this incredible moment was captured by Press Association photographer Joe Giddens…



Saffiyah’s photos at the demo have literally gone viral, with everyone loving how calm and collected she is throughout her confrontation with EDL protester Ian Crossland who’s clearly verbally abusing her.

Saffiyah was there because she knew Muslims and people of color would be abused. Everything was fine until Saira Zafar shouted “No to racism.” The police didn’t do anything and that’s when Saffiyah decided to intervene. Ian Crossland kept poking his finger in her face but she remained unaffected.



 She was quickly escorted out of the protest, with her beautiful smirk still intact.

Via The Asian Post


She has become the face of change from the courage she displayed. In an interview for BBC radio, she said ‘I would stand up to anyone who I thought was acting immoral.’

She said that the most important thing to do in a situation like that is to remain calm and not to do anything that can incriminate you.

Via Metro


She was later reunited with the woman she stood up for

Via Mirror

Saira Zafar was at the protest to make sure that racism wasn’t being preached, given the location was so central. In an interview with U.K. news publication The Mirror, Saira said “my initial intention was to stand at the back with a placard so that anybody walking past could see that they were being countered. What I said was: ‘No to racism’ and ‘No to Islamophobia’. As soon as I said that their speech stopped and I personally feel like that was done deliberately as a signal to EDL members to go over to that girl speaking out.”

Via Mirror


Saffiya’s become an international hero of sorts


The way she stares racism in the face is truly inspiring.


Women of color have always been the leaders of change.


Honestly the EDL can go f*** themselves.


Everyone’s fallen for this brave young gal.


Pass it on…


Saffiyah Khan ladies and gents. A beacon of hope right there.


Oh, and maybe a certain cola brand and Kendall Jenner can take notes about how to do revolution images correctly. This right here is the real revolution.

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