11 Pakistani Films That Will Make You See A Stunning Side Of Pakistan

By Sarah Babar | 20 Oct, 2017

The revival of Pakistani cinema has been on the incline for a few years now. With record-breaking films like Janaan coming up and giving us a reason to hold our heads up high. Lollywood had been in a sad state of decline before Shoaib Mansoor got up and decided to do something about it. Woh din gaya aur aaj ka din aaya, ucchi se ucchi movie dekhne ko mil rahi hai. There are some movies, however, that have done an exceptional cinematographical job of making Pakistan look like the beauty that she is. Here are the films that have managed to capture the picturesque beauty of our beloved country, in recent times.


1. Moor

Source: Mandivala Entertainment

Directed by Jami, ‘Moor’ is the journey of a man from Baluchistan whose father is dealing with the mafia to save his family’s sole source of income. Ehsanullah, played by the talented Shaz Khan, leaves the city to try his luck in Karachi and it is there that his life takes a whole other turn for the worse. Jami has done absolute wonders with showing the beautiful landscape of Pakistan


2. Janaan

Source: IRK Films

For a movie that’s set, almost entirely, in the Northern part of Pakistan, ‘Janaan’ does full justice in capturing the captivating beauty of Pakistan


3. Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai

Source: GEO Films

A drama film that manages to make Pakistan look as good as ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai,’ it’s a definite must watch.


4. Yalghaar

Source: HUM Films

While ‘Yalghaar’ was a film about the army in Pakistan, it showed a very beautiful side of the country.


5. Ho Mann Jahan

Source: ARY Films

‘Ho Mann Jahan’ was a musical rom-com that touched many hearts. It also made us fall in love with Pakistan all over again


6. Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Source: Six Sigma Plus

Set in Punjab, the film has some pretty amazing shots that will take your breath away.


7. Chalay Thay Saath

Source: Elements Media

The way ‘Chalay Thay Saath’ wove the beautifully shot scenes, showing Pakistan in a whole new light, in the story was impeccable.


8. Ramchand Pakistani

Source: J. J. Media

It was a different kind of beautiful Pakistan that we saw in ‘Ramchand Pakistani.’ The kind we don’t get to see very often.


9. Balu Mahi

Source: Elements Media

‘Balu Mahi’ is one of the few films that capture the simpler side of Pakistan in the most beautiful way possible


10. Mah-e-Meer

Source: Mi Raqsam Media

This super serious film takes making Pakistan look good super seriously, as well.


11. Mehrunissa V Lub U

Source: T-Series

While the film didn’t do so well at the Box Office, the shots in this film are absolutely splendid!


What’s your favorite Pakistani film?

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