Pakistani Fashion Tech StartUp ‘ZERO' making waves with names like Shaheen Afridi, Irfan Junejo, Junaid Akram, Samar Jafry & Hamza Sohail. But How?

By MangoBaaz Studio | 19 Feb, 2024

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Let’s explore the tech industry of Pakistan, well not just the tech industry but also how tech can also turn into fashion. Ever heard of  Zero Lifestyle? This Gen-Z  startup is shaking up the fashion-tech landscape in Pakistan, and they’re causing quite a stir. Led by Daniyal Naeem, the visionary behind Zero Lifestyle. Teaming up with Shaheen Shah Afridi as the brand’s first brand ambassador, Daniyal seized an opportunity, conducted two years of research, and successfully introduced smartwatches in Pakistan.



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But the excitement didn’t end there! Zero Lifestyle went all out, hosting a star-studded event that attracted celebs and Gen-Z influencers from every corner of Pakistan. It was like the tech Oscars, with everyone buzzing about this brand set to turn the industry upside down. And guess what? They did just that!


Zero Lifestyle isn't just about working


There’s even more to uncover; Zero Lifestyle isn’t just about working with the big shots; they’ve got a whole crew of Z-stars backing them up. We’re talking 50+ influencers from tech, fashion, music, lifestyle, each adding their own sparkle to the brand.


Zero Lifestyle didn't stop at smartwatches


Let’s talk about gadgets! Zero Lifestyle didn’t stop at smartwatches; they’re raising the bar with each launch. It’s not just about the product; it’s about making a statement and connecting with every consumer like a friend. And believe me, they’re making waves!


Zero Lifestyle has turned heads,


Their strategic partnerships are noteworthy too. Despite being relatively new, they’ve successfully collaborated with Careem and Tapmad, establishing themselves as significant players in the industry.

In less than a year, Zero Lifestyle has turned heads, disrupted the scene, and built a community as diverse as it is dynamic. From tech enthusiasts to fashion lovers, they’ve got everyone on board. It feels like they’re just getting warmed up!

So, what’s on the horizon for Zero Lifestyle? Who knows! But one thing’s for sure: whatever they unveil next, you can bet we’ll be first in line to grab it. Are you with me?

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