These Fans Made Momina Mustehsan Hop On A Plane And COME HOME

These Fans Made Momina Mustehsan Hop On A Plane And COME HOME

Ever since the fame monster caught up with the starlet, Momina Mustehsan has been transiting from New York to Pakistan, back and forth. The Coke Studio artist, based in New York, has had her hands full with multiple projects, appearances, and brand promotions. We recently saw her endorsing cricket leagues and being spotted at the Amir Khan Foundation fundraiser dinner. Amidst all this crazy busy life, she’s been seen excessively pining over Pakistan.

Earlier this week, she posted this photo of gigantic New York style pizza while lusting over the masalaydaar khana in Pakistan

Grimald's pizza in Brooklyn is awesome. BUT – I miss my spicy desi khana 😢#MissingPakistan

A photo posted by Momina Mustehsan (@mominamustehsan) on


Can you blame her, when you’ve got the tantalizing biryani just WAITING to be devoured?

She was seen humming desi tunes smack in front of the breathtaking New York skyline and Brooklyn Bridge later through the week.

(Any guesses on what song that is? I’ve had no luck, maybe yall can help me out here?)

What am I humming? #MissingPakistan

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The cherry on top was this post on Momina driving a rickshaw (scratch that, she’s defs posing with it)

MOMINA MUSTEHSAN IS MISSING HOME, YOU GUYS. Pardes mein rehna asaan thori na hay?

One of those days that I'm missing Pakistan a lot. I think I should go back soon.. #MissingPakistan

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 One of her fans (or was it MOMINABAAZ *wink wink*) decided to take this up on Twitter.

Before long, #bringmominahome was trending nationwide. People started tagging her in food photos, reminding Momina Mustehsan of all that she’d been missing.

There was mention of ghar ka khaana.

There was also talk of garama garam parathay and bun kebab

 B I R Y A N I

 And the crown jewel of sardiyon ki bbq parties.

 And then, there’s always some of these good folks:


Seems like Momina picked up on the white noise. She’s booking tickets, you guys. WAIT, IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?



Source: Deenga

And, the darling that she is, she decided to hop on a plane JUST FOR THE #FANLOVE.

#BringMominaHome was trending yesterday, so here's what we decided. #ImComingHome Pakistan calling ✈️ #MissingPakistan

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Now, that’s a story with a happy ending. The real question is, what’s Momina Mustehsan up to now that she’s here?

A tale for another time.

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