People Are Angry At The Punjab Government After A Woman In Lahore Had To Give Birth On The Road

By Alveena Jadoon | 17 Oct, 2017

The health sector of Pakistan is in a dismal state. This time around it is highlighted because a woman had to give birth outside the hospital after being refused entry by the staff.


It happened outside the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Raiwind Lahore


The woman was experiencing severe labor pain but the staff told her that there was no doctor on call to attend to her, according to This happened in the early hours of the morning.

Eventually Rescue 1122 had to be called to provide help to the poor woman. By the time they got there, the woman had already delivered the baby outside the hospital.


This is extreme negligence on part of the hospital

Refusing treatment to a patient at the time of an emergency is something that should not be taken lightly.


It has been confirmed by the Secretary Health Ali Jan Khan that all gynecology related facilities are available at THQ. There is no reason as to why treatment was refused.

In times when the health sector of Pakistan is already facing a severe shortage of reliable professional, good quality equipment, medicines, and lesser number of hospitals – such incidents disappoint those without means to access good medical health facilities.

People on social media have erupted in anger at the lack of empathy shown by the hospital


Doctors in Pakistan have been engaged in protests

The Pakistan Young Doctors Association (YDA) has been protesting these conditions for a long while and there hasn’t been a redress to their demands by the Government. Apparently, their protests are primarily because they do not have the means to provide good quality of medical care to the patients. For that, they need the government to allocate more funds.

At the same time, there are reports that suggest that the strike by YDA is because they need better facilities, pays and perks for themselves.


The investigation launched by the government needs not only to hold accountable the individuals responsible for this incident but also needs to provide young doctors the required support to improve the quality of treatment provided to patients so women don’t have to give birth OUTSIDE ON THE ROAD.


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