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This Pakistani Doctor Became A Rapper And We Couldn’t Be More Thankful

This Pakistani Doctor Became A Rapper And We Couldn’t Be More Thankful

What do you get when you combine a rapper and a doctor and put them in Islamabad? You get one of the pioneers of English rap music in Pakistan: Osama Com Laude. ?


Syed Osama Karamat Ali Shah first came on the Pakistani music scene in 2009, where he performed alongside Ali Zafar

Since then, there has been no looking back for Osama. He’s had multiple collaborations with artists, an insane number of crazy good songs, and some pretty cool music videos. I’m not even kidding, the collaborations the guy has done are prett-yyy cool. From Adil Omar to Talal Qureshi and HUZ and Shaheer Shahid aaand Bonnie Freechyld. And if you haven’t heard of these geniuses, then you’re clearly not cool enough to hang out with them.

Source: OsamaComLaude / YouTube


Homeboy isn’t free of controversy, tho and the source was the music video for his song “The Balance”

When the video for ‘The Balance’ came out, TV channels started objecting to the content of the video. The video, in itself, held such a strong meaning, that some think it should have gotten double the airtime, instead of taking it off completely.

Source: YouTube/OsamaComLaude

It was around the life of a man who was constantly trying to maintain a balance in his life and keep up his facade in front of the whole world, too. Now doesn’t that sound familiar? Guess he really was ahead of his time, at that point.


After the “controversy”, doctor sahib went on a four-year long hiatus to finish his MBBS, in order to give music his full attention and focus, once he was done

And lo and behold! Guess what’s coming back super soon? Osama’s latest song: Baghdad.

soultaker #BAGHDAD

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Okay, I’m going to be honest, here, I absolutely love it.

You know how we keep waiting for someone to come along and give our music industry the dhakka that it needs? Well, Osama is pretty much on his way to do so.


With a fresh sound, great production and friends like Huz Kai who see your vision and take it to another level altogether, the song is going to be so lit

Huzaifa, aka Huz Kai, and Osama have been working together for quite a while, now. And even with Baghdad, what you see with the song and the artwork that goes with the song is all Huz Kai’s doing. Can’t wait for Huz’s own music either, tho. But for now, we best get ready to have our socks blown off, with Baghdad.


While talking to MangoBaaz, Osama said that he’s a proud Pindi boy

He also said that he has mad, mad respect for Ali Zafar, not only as an artist but also as a person. Furthermore, he wants Pakistan to slightly shift away from the same, repetitive music that’s been playing everywhere for the past God knows how many years. And, tbh, I can’t wait for that. I know, I know I can’t wait for a lot of things, but come on, it’s Osama!

#BAGHDAD // ? @huzkai

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Watch this space for more updates about everything Osama Com Laude.

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