Director Jami Just Dumped His Lux Style Award On The Street Over Recent Harassment Controversy

By Arslan Athar | 24 Apr, 2019

Pakistani director, Jami, won the ‘Best Film’ LSA for his movie ‘Moor’. The film was released back in 2015, and Jami received his award in 2016.



Jami’s LSA win is being talked about again, because of major controversy surrounding this year’s awards

Jami took his award, and he placed in on the streets of Karachi. The main reason that this year’s awards have been marred by controversy is that the LSAs have nominated someone who has been accused of sexual harassment.


People have been applauding Jami for his move. 




This award is huge for Jami, given how much ‘Moor’ means to him. 


While a lot of appreciated the gesture, there were some who questioned his method of protesting. 



Some people took this as a tirade against the entertainment industry.


For some, the solution to this issue is simple!

Source: Jami Moor / Facebook


Jami addressing the LSAs like this is not isolated. Ever since the news broke, many people online and within the industry have raised concerns. 

It all began with model Eman Suleman asking for her nomination to be removed. For her, she wanted to distance herself from a platform that had nominated Ali Zafar.


For about a month, these discussions had died down until fashion brand, Generation and makeup artist Saima Bargfrede followed suit and asked to have their nominations removed. 

This is a major development considering that both are major names within the industry.



Meesha Shafi has also asked for her nomination to be removed. 

Meesah Shafi’s statement mixed in with Generation’s has started a snowball effect.


Since then, music group ‘The Sketches’ have also chosen to remove themselves from the awards. 

The band was nominated under 4 categories!


Further news has also come in that another makeup artist, Fatima Nasir has also pulled out.

Source: Facebook


This particular pullout means that there are now NO more female nominees in the Hair and Makeup category.


Jami also posted an important update about the award he left on the street. 

Source: Jami Moor / Facebook


As it stands right now, 6 LSA nominees have removed themselves from the award. We have reached out to the organizers of the LSAs for comment, but are yet to receive word from them.

The awards are scheduled to happen on the 7th of July 2019. It remains to be seen if more nominees pull out of the awards. These developments have set a very serious tone to the upcoming awards and it is yet to be seen how Unilever and Lux will respond to them.


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