The Most Intense Pakistani Brand War Of 2017 Is Happening Right Now And People Have Lost It

By Momina Mindeel | 13 Apr, 2017

Pakistani brands have a tendency to get at each others’ throats for competition.

Last year there was a war between leading chai brands

brand wars

While the product wars between Pepsi and Coke, Lipton and Tapal, Roof Afza and Pepsi and what not are still going on in one way or the other, Coke recently decided to play the typical phupho amidst all this chaos by taking it a step forward.


And then coffee tried to take on chai as the national drink of Pakistan


And now it’s a Cola Company hitting out against a chai brand.

The newest Coca-Cola ad glorifies coke as a morning refresher, that too by putting down chai. Now, I’m not a chai/coke lover but honestly coke, who are you even trying to fool? Pffftt! Chai all the way.

What I find most amusing in this entire scenario is the fact that coke actually decided to go ahead with this anti-chai campaign in the intensely chai-loving Pakistan.

Khair, Lipton wasn’t the one to stay behind.

Here’s what they came up with, earlier yesterday. I am pretty sure Coke had it coming.


And as predicted, chai drinkers have lost it. 


People are happy that Lipton has finally clapped back at the anti-chai campaign


People are showing their support, just so unabashedly 

Source: Lipton/Facebook


You know it’s serious when a comparison is made with Multan ki garmi 

Source: Lipton/Facebook


Aww, same 2 same, brotha! 

Source: Lipton/Facebook


Valid point

Source: Lipton/Facebook


Even the not-so-tea fellas can’t stop appreciating Lipton 

Source: Lipton/Facebook


While people are going crazy with their comments, Lipton is just sitting there like…

You’re such a thug, aren’t you Lipton?

Let’s see if Coke has anything to offer in return. *grabs popcorn and hopes for the best*


Cover Image Via: Coca-Cola Pakistan / YouTube

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