This Pakistani Artist's Cross Between Justice League And Stranger Things Will Take Your Breath Away

By Ather Ahmed | 16 Nov, 2017

So stranger things season two came out a few weeks ago and it has been the talk of the town ever since. It has taken social media by storm with meme makers going apeshit crazy. Another thing that has been creating buzz is the upcoming Justice League movie. Even Pakistanis have to take shown a lot of enthusiasm for both these vilayati pop culture phenomenon. This one individual, in particular, has taken his individual to a whole new level.

Meet Umair Najeeb, a graphic designer based out of Karachi

Source: Umair Najeeb Via Facebook

He recently expressed his love for both stranger things and justice league in a unique fashion

Umair in his artwork reimagined the kids from Stranger Things as his favorite Justice League superheroes.  “Stranger Things, I’m a big fan of and with season 2 out and Justice League right around the corner, they both have been on mind. I decided to mix the two up and see how it turns out” Umair told MangoBaaz.

Being a fan of superhero art work, Umair has produced other pieces of art around the genre

Before the stranger things artwork, I did a few more of these superhero fan arts. My idea was to use low-resolution pictures and work around them to create a film poster styled superhero concept art. My first was of Nightwing. Later I used pictures of my friends and turned them into superheroes. You have seen caricatures being gifted, I gifted him a portrait of himself as Red Robin” he said.

 I have been drawing as a kid and was always fascinated by digital art

Looking up to all the amazing Pakistani artists, I started learning things off YouTube on my own. Later on I got onto designing short film posters, mostly for friends at the start. After a few of those people started approaching me for commissioned posters” he said.

“I then did a feature film and I’m currently designing for my second film Chupan Chupai which is being released through Hum Film very soon”

Source; Umair Rizvi Via Facebook

“I want to work on more local projects, with Pakistani Cinema on the rise, I want to revolutionize the film poster designs here which, which I believe are still pretty old school. And of course my superhero series will continue and I will keep giving people superpowers” he said.

If you want to follow Umair on Instagram, his handle is @umairnajeebkhan. Let us know what you think of his artwork in the comment section below.

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