This 20 Year Old Pakistani Artist Is Showing The World How She Can Earn From Her Passion With A Bold Message

By Ather Ahmed | 24 Dec, 2017

This Pakistani artist is going places


It’s usually said that if you’re an artist you’re probably going to die hungry and poor. Why is it that art and business have to be mutually exclusive with one another? There is nothing wrong with artists using their talents to earn a living for themselves. The more an artist can become self-sustainable, the more others will get encouraged to follow their dreams.


This young Pakistani artist is setting san example by showing the world how she can earn from her passion

Meet Raafia Javed, a 21-year-old artist who has channeled her passion into a viable profession that actually earns her a living.

Source: Raafia Javed


She hails from Mandi Bahauddin which is a small town in central Punjab between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab



She has made some really neat animated urban designs

Source: Raafia Javed


Her artwork is also accompanied by some eye-opening messages

Source: Raafia Javed


 After initially struggling to find her voice as an artist when she first started out, Raafia was quick to develop her skill level

Source: Raafia Javed

“I started experimenting with Adobe Draw Illustrator which is an easy app for the beginners who are into digital art.  After struggling in my learning phase, and my friends telling me that I should stop drawing, within 2-3 months, I was able to hone my craft”, she told MangoBaaz.


The best part about her designs is that they’re all printed on cell phone covers that are available for sale

Source: Raafia Javed

“I learnt illustrations just because I wanted to. But I realized people on Instagram,  are using their skill to earn. Nothing is better than earning money through something you love. I sold almost 30+ on Redbubble in very little time. Recently, I gained some other opportunities as well”, Raafia shared.

If you like Raafia’s art you can check more of it here and if you’re a young Pakistani artist who’s doing something different, let us know and we will feature you.

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