Here are the Only Highlights for Pakistan v. Bangladesh You Need to Know

By Yasser Puri | 16 Mar, 2016

So, Pakistan v. Bangladesh just concluded. You may be utterly overjoyed or you may be mildly amused by the results. Some may not have even kept up with the match as much as they might have wanted to.

Whichever category you fall into, these are the only match highlights you need to know:


The match started with the elders giving their dua for the boys 


But then some “ex” players jumped in when it started


Nasir Jamshed* was also following the match:

*This is a parody account, just btw.


Politicians* had opinions about the match too

*This is also strongly suspected to be a parody account. Maybe.


National security analysts also tweeted their two cents:


So did big-shot journos:


Amir’s performance was celebrated


And Shahid Afridi’s love re-blossomed:


Pakistan’s innings completed:


And lunch break happened:



Qandeel Baloch was remembered at the momentous occasion


And so was this guy


Amir’s incredible performance needs more praise, so here goes:


And then the results became inevitable


And it happened


Indians have a message for Pakistani cricket fans


Congratulations, Team Pakistan! Now, let’s take out India on the 19th.

Cover Image via: Cricket Country

Zarra ye bhee check karein:

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