Pictures of Pakistan From the Global “Wiki Loves Earth” Photo Contest

By Eamaan Arain | 28 Jul, 2015

This year, Pakistan participated in the “Wiki Loves Earth” competition for the first time. For those not familiar with the competition, it’s an annual international photo contest of natural monuments. The focus of the month-long Wiki loves Earth photography competition is to promote the natural heritage of the participating countries to contribute to nature protection.


This year, Pakistan is competing with 18 other countries which include: Algeria, Andorra and Catalan areas, Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Estonia, France, Germany, Macedonia, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia Uruguay, and Ukraine.


Images for the competition were submitted at the end of May and now the top 10 entries for Pakistan have also been chosen. The international winners of Wiki Loves Earth 2015 are yet to be announced, so let’s see if one if Pakistan can win!


1. Hunza Valley


2. Baltoro Glacier


3. Dudipatsar Lake


4. Jabba Zumalo Lake


5. Nanga Parbat (1)


6. Nanga Parbat (2)

7. The Rakaposhi Peak


8. Shangrila Resorts

9. Shogran Valley


10. Shounter Valley


Let us know which one you think is the best photo from Pakistan in the comments section.


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