Pakistan's Fastest Female Athlete Is Breaking Stereotypes With The Support Of Her Father Who's The Imam Of A Local Mosque

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Jan, 2019

Pakistan’s fastest athlete is the daughter of a very supporter imam-e-masjid.


Sahib-e-Asra happens to be the fastest athlete in Pakistan for the last ten years. She has been running from her school days when she went to a government school. She started off running at district and Punjab level competitions and won every time.


Sabiha finally proved herself as the athlete to be reckoned with when she won a gold medal at a National level this past November.

Source: Sujag Videos / Facebook


She was declared the best athlete at the same tournament as well. And now she has finally begun her career as a professional athlete.

Source: Sujag Videos / Facebook

However, Sahib-e-Asra is not very happy. She says that the provisions provided to athletes in Pakistan were abysmal. She compared the coaching athletes get in Pakistan to neighboring countries such as India and Bangladesh and stated that our facilities were not even close to that of those countries.


Being a professional athlete in Pakistan is undoubtedly hard. And being a professional female athlete is even harder since programs for women are even more underfunded than those for male athletes.

But Sahib-e-Asra has been thriving because of all the support she has. Specifically the support of her family, especially her father who is a local Imam at a Masjid. Sahib-e-Asra said that her father had to put up with hearing a lot of negative things from people but never paid them any heed.

Source: Sujag Videos / Facebook

And Sahib-e-Asra’s father, Qari Alam Khan stated that when his daughter showed an interest in running, he had no reservations and encouraged her as much as he could. Even when people started saying things, he said he wanted his daughter to do what she loved; run.

He even expressed his disappointment in how the government did not support his daughter and her family the way they should support a star athlete. But nothing deters Sahib-e-Asra who’s hope is to win big for her country at international tournaments.


He ended with saying that he was as proud of his daughter as he would be of any son of his.

You can watch the video of the father and daughter here:

امام مسجد کی بیٹی جو پاکستان کی تیز ترین اتھلیٹ ہے

فیصل آباد میں ایک مسجد کے امام کی بیٹی پاکستان کی تیز ترین اتھلیٹ کیسے بنی؟ ویڈیو دیکھیں اور شئیر کریں

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Cover Image Source: Sujag Videos / Facebook

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