18 Times You Couldn't Help But Fall Madly In Love With Osman Khalid Butt

By Sarah Babar | 11 Dec, 2016

Osman Khalid Butt, for the longest time, was the most underrated actor around. He became an internet sensation after his YouTube videos became popular and everyone started gushing over just how incredibly funny this cute Islamabadi burger was! Osman Khalid Butt can literally do anything and everything.

He’s into theatre, television, direction, writing, and he’s a professional owner of good looks.

Source: Giphy

You’d think people would end up hating someone who can do it all (jaaalus, you know). But it’s almost surprising how everyone seems to love this boy-next-door. People are currently gushing over him in his latest television drama serial, Sanam, where he plays the bechaara guy stuck in the middle of three psychotic women (yes, you too, Aan), and his annoying ‘best friend’ who decides when to be his bachchpan ka dost and when to scheme with his evil ex-wife (sorryHareemIloveyou).

Here’s why one can NEVER EVER hate Osman Khalid Butt

1. Osman is really friggin’ good at what he does

He has played some diverse characters in career. From the dreamy Mayer on horseback (ek tau wese hi larkiyoun ko ghorey passand hain ooper sey un per Obi ko bitha dau tau ghorey sey hi pyaar hojata hai):

Source: Giphy

To the adorable, goofy, romantic Aunn:

Source: Giphy

And of course, the leather jacket wearing, shalwar-kameez-shawl combo adorning Wali

Source: Giphy


2. He’s a total cayootieee burger


3. Mini Obi was just as cute

Throwback.. Saturday? That can't be right. I would have made such a perfect Damien.

A post shared by Osman Khalid Butt (@aclockworkobi) on


4. He can pose like Angelina Jolie

Close enough. Eid mubarak, everyone!

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5. His dubsmashes are KILLER

Boy, can he act!


6. And look at his moves ♥_♥

#Repost @fauziah_mahmood – (lol Fauz you cropped Buddy out) Kabhi ham bhi mehndi dancefloor pe raaj kartay thay. #throwback

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7. Look at him again

'Almost Famous' – photography by @mbilalabdullah

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8. He has an insane bunch of friends, so constant entertainment, y’know


9. He can be a total nerd, and we love it!

Bassett Hound, Obi, Bassett Hound.


10. He gets along with everyone


11. He has great taste in shoes

And hats.

Serendipity: shoes (courtesy @penguinpop.pk) meet birthday cake. Happy birthday, Sharez! Photo courtesy: @isharmine

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12. And clothes

'Moonlight romanticism'…and suhaag raat swagger (Lol!) #QHBCW #DayTwo #MunibNawaz

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13. His jokes are so bad at times, they’re good

God, Whoopi, has it really come down to this? #tussauds #gettingmyjoeyon

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14. And sometimes they’re kinda really funny


15. You wish he’d look at you like this


16. He’s always supporting his friends

#FriendsAppreciationWeek much?


Like, he really appreciates them:




17. AND he can sing


18. Did I mention how good looking he is, before? Because…

Must have been one hell of an off-color joke. #wardhasaleem #zargul #BTS #DiyareDil

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Never change, Obi

Coming soon, only on HUM*. (On set shenanigans) #comeonskinnylovejustlasttheyear * Not really, no.

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We love you, Obi. ? ?  ?

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