Is This Tweet By Osman Khalid Butt Actually Mocking Hamza Ali Abbasi?

By Iman Zia | 24 Jul, 2017

Hamza Ali Abbasi is never one to shy away from discussing contentious topics that brim Pakistan’s society. He’s often dipping his toes in the deep end with his somewhat extreme opinions that garner a bundle of applause, trolling and hate – with legal notices often being served to him – the actor-turned analyst’s life is never short of eventful.


In his most recent opinion yet, Hamza took to Facebook to discuss item songs, after a teaser for a number from the movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad 2′ was released

In the post, he advocated his disapproval at Pakistani films pillaring their success on item songs that ‘degrade women and objectify them.’ He expressed his grief at the lack of the censor board taking authority and suggested that the fraternity was heading backward at a time where ‘educated boys and girls from good families’ were at long last entering the industry.


His opinion gathered tremendous support by many


With many saying that it was a direct influence from the industry across the border




However, some disagreed, and blamed it on the way society thought that triggered a degrading opinion of women


Others even pointed out apparent hypocrisy in Hamza’s previous work and his current opinions




Amidst all this, fellow actor Osman Khalid Butt chimed in with what the people have taken as indirect shade thrown at Hamza’s earlier post


Few have already picked up on it being an indirect blow Hamza’s way


What do you think of Osman’s tweet, is it a lowkey shade thrown at Hamza? And what do you think of Hamza’s opinion on item songs?


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