14 Of The Most Iconic Pakistani Things Only True Pakistanis Will Recognize On The 14th Of August

By Biya Haq | 14 Aug, 2018

Hey Pakistani people, ’tis the week of Independence ya’ll, and you know what that means.


Source: Deenga.com

There is nothing better than coming together with friends, family and as a country to enjoy and relish in the freedom of Pakistan. Considering recent events, this 14th is especially special considering we are to be celebrating a ‘Naya Pakistan,’ full of hope, success and harmony.

However, you can’t move forward without looking at what makes us truly Pakistani. THAT being said,

Here are 14 things that happen on the of the 14th of August that are SO Pakistani, only true Pakistanis will know them.


1. Seeing flags EVERYWHERE.

Source: wallpapercave.com

And also being ripped off by every vendor.


2. Lighting the streets up with Phool Jariyan at night.

Source: fireworkscrazy.co.uk

And also being burnt by them or accidentally burning one of your cousins ghalti sai.


3. Buildings decorated all over the country.

Source: kusder.com

Twinkly lights everywhere making our cities look like a fairytale.


4. Special Cakes from your local bakery.

Source: kfoods.com

Um, YUM.


5. Biker BOUYS riding up and down the streets.

Source: samaa.tv


6. Flag competitions among neighbourhoods.

Source: lustration.me

Some of these flags are even better than.


7. Phadday on Mall Road during the mandatory 14th August traffic jam

Source: tribune.com.pk

Every 14th August there is a GUARANTEED fight to take place on Mall Road. If you know, you know.


8. Malls packed wall to wall with Pakistanis celebrating the 14th.

Source: charcoalgravel.com


9. Cars decked out to the MAX in decorative gear.

Source: tribune.com.pk


10. Fireworks lighting up our skies all night.

Source: gulf-times.com


11. Azaadi songs being performed everywhere.

Source: forums.aadeez.com


12. Azaadi deals and sales all over town.

Source: subway.com/en-pk


13. Reruns of Alpha Bravo Charlie playing all over TV.

Via: YouTube


14. Everyone in a super happy mood, celebrating a country that brings us all together.

Source: hollyhome.cf


Can you relate to any of these points? How do you celebrate Independence day in Pakistan? Out of Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: lustration.me

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