13 Times Life Was Too Hard Because You're The Only Single Friend In Your Squad

By Hurmat Riaz | 13 Jul, 2017

If you’re the only single friend of your circle, you will definitely find this way too real. Keep a tissue for those tears.

Your twenties are those years of your life when most of your friends are getting together with someone, getting engaged, nikkah-ofied or having babies and then there comes a point that you’re the only one who’s single in your group your of friends.

You’re totally cool and happy about it, living your life to the fullest but this is what you mostly get to experience with your friends:


1. Planning hangouts with your married friends becomes a tricky business

Someone is on a date, someone is busy at susral, someone’s kid is sick. So you hangout alone which is totally cool with you.

Source: harpalgeo.tv


2. Your topic of interests are not the same as your married friends’

The talk of every conversation is family drama, saas, susral, kids and family drama. And you’re like, “koi aur baat ker lou yaar.”

Source: harpalgeo.tv


3. Your friends ALWAYS ask to find someone for you

Because your family is not enough to tell you that.

Source: Saga Music


4. They will even play rishtay walay aunties and uncles

“Remember falan from school? You guys would look cute together.”

How about a no?

Source: Ali Rush Music


5. Your WhatsApp is filled with pictures of potential rishtas that your friends have sent you

You groan at such messages. Or when you go to a shadi or some other gathering, you’re introduced to some stranger with the prospect of rishta.

Source: The Walt Disney Company India


6. Your marriage is LITERALLY the only topic they have on their minds

People say this to you sometimes as well, “You’ve so many friends. Why don’t you choose someone from them?”

Because this is not how it works. Love is not about picking and choosing people.

Via: Tumblr


7. If they’ve got children then you’re the go-to baby sitter

You occasionally get this cry of help on the weekend, “yar tum tou free ho. Please babysit our kids while we go out for dinner.” And you oblige, happily.

Source: Yash Raj Films


8. You’re the plaything AKA khala/chacha of your friends’ kids

At least you get to be a cool, fun aunt/uncle. And those kids love you.

Source: Zoe Viccaji / YouTube


9. You don’t have much to contribute to friend group chats anymore since all the discussion is about parenting and rishteydaari

While they’re sharing gazillion pictures of their lovely kids, or of a trip they took with their family, you’re commenting silently, ‘OMG, so cute. MA, MA’ while eating your pizza.

Source: MTV Network


10. They will always come to you for venting out about their spouse

If your friend comes up to you with a problem in their relationship, you advice them to not give a fuck about it and they silently judge you.

Via: Giphy


11. Since you’re single, you’re a free spirit and they think you have no life of your own

While your friends have to ask someone like their husband/wife, saas, susar, nand, devar etc. before planning out something, you don’t have to go through any of that drama.

Source: ARY Films


12. You sometimes get sad when you see your friends with kids and family

But this happens for a little while because later you realize that you’re too happy with your life.

Via: Tumblr


13. When you make new friends who are as single as you it bothers your old friends

This shikwa pours in all the time, “You don’t talk to us anymore.” Because we have nothing much to talk about!

Source: Saga Music


But you’re awesome and you know it

Admit it, you’re awesome.

Source: The CW/WB/Tumblr

Being the only single one in your squad is amazing because you are still young at heart. Stay awesome, y’all!


Cover Image via: Six Sigma Plus

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